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  • Capstone project

    The final stage of my BSc(Honours) Computing required the completion of a capstone project. This section documents my capstone project and provides a substantial amount of C# code within my final report.

  • Software Portfolio

    To provide evidence of my understanding of current development techniques, I have produced two small demonstration projects that show evidence of my understanding of n-tier architecture and web based solutions. This section highlights these two projects.

  • Music

    As a musician and sound engineer since the early 1990's, this section serve as a back catalogue of my work both as a performing guitarist and as a sound engineer using both Pro Tools and Logic Audio.

  • Xna

    This section highlights my extensive use of Microsoft's XNA framework, my understanding of the techniques used to produce video games and my underlying knowledge of C# and the .Net framework.

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The purpose of this web site is to demonstrate my academic and personal achievements in the areas of software development and music production/performance. Within this site I will provide evidence of my understanding of industry standard techniques related to software development such as n-tier architecture, ADO.NET, C#, WCF, ASP.NET and .NET framework through the production of two demonstration projects. I will also provide evidence of my understanding of software project life cycles and project management obtained while undertaking a BSc(Honours) Computing with the Open University by providing details of my final capstone project which consisted of the design and production of a substantial software project relating to the area of NPC artificial intelligence. will also provide a platform to document my achievements and back catalogue in the fields of XNA game development and music production and performance.

About Me

I began learning software production and programming around 1990 at college after completing secondary education. This provided a solid understanding of the concepts of software development in both a procedural and object orientated environment. From that point, software development has been a consistent passion that has fuelled me to investigate and experience as many concepts and programming languages as possible. This enthusiasm has allowed me to gain a working knowledge of at least 10 programming languages since 1990, from Pascal, COBOL and Machine code to current languages such as C#, Java, HTML and an introduction to XAML. In 1999 I decided to combine my passion for computing with my past time as a performing guitarist by undertaking a series of courses in music technology and sound engineering. This was combined with part time employment in the hospitality industry. Though a thirst for knowledge I remained in the hospitality industry and began a management training program which lead me to become both an assistant and relief manager in numerous public houses within the East Midlands. In 2006 I made the decision to undertake a BSc(Honours) Computing with the Open University on a part time basis as a means of enabling me to gain employment in the IT sector. In September 2014 I completed my degree while still remaining employed in the hospitality industry.